Women and young girls bear the burden of collecting water for their families. They walk miles each day to the nearest source, which is unprotected and likely contaminated. Villages in most rural communities in Kenya with clean and safe drinking water are places of promise: where children and adults can be free of water-borne infection, where sanitation and hygiene can rise to a higher standard, where food security can improve, where children can be free to attend school and create their own futures, and women are free to pursue new opportunities and improve their families lives. In the past two years, A Voice Is Heard has drilled three wells for villages in need, and we are scheduled to complete three new water projects in 2014.





We select drill sites based on the needs of each community, current access to water, population, community willingness to participate, and geography.  



We employ engineers to perform surveys,  identify aquifers, establish drill parameters, estimate costs and equipment, and evaluate water quality.


Locations of aquifers are considered in proximity to villages, distance to and quality of alternative water sources, population in need, and elephant migration patterns.


Local committees establish bank accounts and are trained to maintain wells. Working in partnership creates pride, accountability, and ownership.


Working in partnership with villages and community leaders is essential when planning a complex drilling project. We are committed to creating solutions to the water crisis that plagues Sub-Saharan Africa.